Proofs for all product types

Stickers, boxes, paper cups, phone cases, etc. all need a different proofing experience. Choose from different proofing templates that best suit your product.

There are tons of templates available, here are just a select few.

Mobile friendly proofs for busy customers

custom workflow

SMS notifications increase click-rates

Emails can get missed or go to junk. Text messages help to increase deliverability meaning you get faster approvals.

Mobile version of the customer proofing screen for stickersDays to approval analytical chart

People are on their phones more than ever

Provide a better experience by enabling proofing on their phone with Glide.


Reduce cancelled orders

When Sticker it added SMS proofs with Glide they saw a huge reduction of cancelled orders because proofs didn't end up in junk email inboxes.

A screenshot of Glide's create and upload proofs, ready to send proofs to customers page.automate proof reminders

Discuss changes with your customer

No more countless emails back & forth or mis-communication on customer feedback

Communicate rapidly with your customer on changes.

auto reminders
Direct messages save time
multi language
Tag colleagues to help
reduce support emails
Turn on depending on the proof templates
mobile friendly

Login area for customers

Customers can login to see proofs, review order progress and reorder.

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Approve proofs from their account

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Keep track of orders

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Increased reordering

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With just a few clicks your customer can reorder a single design or a full previous order. This hugely increases reorders from previous customers.

A screenshot of Glide's customer facing order tracking

Light & dark mode

Little proofing details

Here are some smaller proofing features to improve your businesses efficiency

Adjust reminders to suit your brand

Reminders are ideal to ensure proofing happens quickly, but you need control to provide the best experience. We give that to you.

automate proof reminders
track approved artwork

Revision history

Know version of the customer's artwork's been approved to save confusion. It also ensures reordering a sinch.

save files against the order

Auto-file naming

Programatically naming files has 2 incredibly useful consequences:

  1. It saves time. Sticker it saved 4 weeks/year just with this useful feature.  Read the blog to learn more.
  2. It means you can always find that file in the future and it'll mean something internally, even when seen without the context of Glide.

Save your designers 20% of their working time

And even more for your customer service team!

Read the Sticker it case study to see how they saved nearly £10,000 in their first year using Glide.

Read the case study
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