Manufacturing routes list

Manufacturing routes for all products

Each product can have it's own manufacturing route. This means it travels efficiently through your facility.

We've pre-loaded Glide with tons of templates so it's super quick to get started.

auto reminders
Capture all edge cases
multi language
Automations keep elapsed time down
reduce support emails
Handle each product as requires
mobile friendly
Easy to setup

A single view to rule them all

Use Glide's rich table view to instantly see what needs to be done. Drill down into any section using powerful filters & sorting.

Glides manufacturing order list view

Model your facility in Glide

Replicating your products, machines & raw materials in Glide allows you to create accurate workflows.

These workflows can be semi-automated giving max efficiency.

Having all your data in Glide also means you can get incredible reporting. It's like having a full-time coach helping.

Little manufacturing details

Here are some smaller manufacturing features to improve your output.

Discuss orders & solve issues fast

Conversations happen against orders meaning everyone has the correct context. Meaning less misunderstandings & faster solutions.

automate proof reminders
track approved artwork

Templates to get started quickly

Completely modelling your manufacturing department can take time. Pre-built templates & data mean you can get started that same day.

save files against the order

Clear quality control process

Quality control can often be overlooked or rushed.

Not sending poor quality products can save tons of money in the long-run, through not paying for shipping twice and keeping more customers.

Glide's QC process ensures everything that goes out the door meets your standards.

Reduce your time to ship by 18 hours

Read the Sticker it case study to see how they cut 18 hours off their average order fulfilment time using Glide.

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Helping you to fulfil orders for custom products better than ever

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