Ship custom orders faster with these powerful features

We believe both the big & little details matter. So we've spent years getting the little things right too.

Create & import orders

Create an order directly within Glide or automatically import orders from Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce.

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Quote in minutes.

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Create orders automatically

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Import orders from your existing system

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Deep integrations give meaningful order data to work with, including 2-way syncing to avoid miscommunications & extra work.

A screenshot of Glide's create an order workflow.import orders automatically from Shopify to Glide

Interactive to-do lists for every person

Deadlines are getting shorter and jobs more complex. People need clear, prioritised lists of work they can trust.

Our rich, table views that allow everyone to know exactly what to do next and where it sits in an order's timeline.

A screenshot of Glide's customer service page

Give the team everything they need to get the order right

As soon as an inquiry becomes an order you need to pass the information onto the designer (or next step to be done).

However sometimes you may need to do something to unblock an order to ensure it meets the deadline.

Our Customer Service view gives you a clear list of what needs to be done for any order.

You can even set up automations to avoid having to get involved & reduce your workload.

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Request poorly formatted or incorrect artwork
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Ask for missing information
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Automate processes (e.g. asking for better artwork)
A screenshot of Glide's designer's page

Work from a clear brief & then send a proof in 1-click

Unclear briefs are the bane of any designers life - not any more. Each part of the brief is separated out and clear.

Once your design is ready, either send internally for approval or direct to the customer in a single click.

Split tasks into create design and pre-press if you wish to suit different team member's skill set, or simply to break up your day.

A screenshot of Glide'smanufacturing page

Sub-contract or manufacture in-house: Tools to do both.

The aim is to make your custom product right first time.

Detailed views of each order line (job) along with custom filters allows you to see what needs to happen next for each machine, material, work method and more.

Use our QR code scanning hardware to automatically update statuses when a process has been completed (for example printing).

Alerts, statuses and clear deadlines allow you to prioritise & never miss another deadline.

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Create custom filters
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The necessary context at every stage of the manufacturing process
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Automatic order emails for sub-contracting with status updates
A screenshot of Glide's shipping page

100+ courier integrations, print labels, send tracking info + more

Packing & shipping should be the easy bit but somehow it's not! That changes here with our shipping workflows designed for custom products.

Use automations on product size & weight to tell your team what packaging to use.
Get on-the-fly price comparisons to work out the cheapest way to send the order, whilst still getting it there on time.

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Price comparisons
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Print labels
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Send tracking info automatically via email & SMS

Build workflows to suit your business

Every business works differently, even if it's only subtle. That's why we present all the system's logic to you, meaning we give you the power to make changes to suit how you work.

save time

Save literally weeks of time every year

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For every 10 minutes saved per working day that equals 1 week saved a year 🤯
Our workflows can save you much, much more! Start working on the business, rather than in the business.

drag and drop

Clear drag & drop interface

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we help

We help you every step of the way

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build custom workflows that suit youtime saved per order
A screenshot of Glide's create and upload proofs, ready to send proofs to customers page.automate proof reminders

Send proofs in 1-click via email & SMS

No more countless emails back & forth. Chasing for approvals. Mis-communication on which proof is approved.

The headache of proofing is gone, all gone! You can be confident you're printing the right file with Fancy and the customer knows what they're going to get.

auto reminders
Automatic reminders
multi language
reduce support emails
Customise the message
mobile friendly
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Easy reordering grows your revenue

Customers have a login area they can see their orders & artwork so they can easily reorder.

easy reorder

Reorders with ZERO effort

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You no longer need to spend time scouring your file system when a customer wants to reorder a past design.
Customers simply reorder online and it automatically shows in Glide with the correct artwork attached, ready to make!


Fast reorder with no login

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A screenshot of Glide's customer reorder screen Customer review

Advanced manufacturing for businesses of all sizes

custom workflow

Custom manufacturing routes

Ensure you can make every different type of custom product you need. Even capture all the edge cases!


Automations to help remove repetitive tasks

Automatically send a job to a machine. Automatically change an order status. Automatically sub-contract a job. The list is endless.

two colleagues- working in a printing officeA screenshot of Glide's manufacturing analyticsProduct statistics

Sub-contract orders with 1-click

Specify a 3rd party to make your custom product. Then when your order gets to the correct stage, it automatically emails the information required.


Advanced reporting and insights

Knowing what is happening is so important when trying to improve.
Our reporting gives you the truth, in an easy-to-understand format.

A screenshot of Glide's customer facing order tracking

Reduce support emails with order tracking

Orders for custom products usually take longer to fulfil than simple pick & pack operations.

However, customers are still keen for updates on the progress of their order. This usually means lots more emails to your inbox, or live-chat requests.

Not any more!

Customers can see the exact status of their order at anytime on the Glide customer area.

customers in the loop
Keep customers in the loop
reduce support emails
Reduce support emails
better customer experience
Give a better customer experience
mobile friendly
Mobile-friendly & multi-lingual

Quality control to save sending orders twice

...or even 3 times!

Too often the quality control step in manufacturing get's missed. Not anymore.


Full traceability

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Employees enter their initials as quick way to show who in your team has checked the order is up to standard.


Clear, simple checklists

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A screenshot of Glide's quality control screen

Ship orders with the carrier you want in seconds

Advanced rules & logic uses data that simply doesn't exist in standard shipping platforms.

The products you sell are custom, which means they can differ in size & weight.

You need a shipping system that understands this and gives you the most cost effective shipping service but still gets to the customer in time.

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Advanced rules
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Box size suggestions
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Instant label printing
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Shows live quotes
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Total automation
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Sends tracking to customers
A screenshot of Glide's shipping screenMonthly sales growth
A screenshot of Glide's internal messaging system

Collaborate on orders

Discuss an order where the order is happening. It's a powerful yet simple concept.

Having everything in one place just makes sense. It helps to remove all the issues that happen from mis-communication.

Message your colleagues instantly. Add notes, files, tags & more. Working directly within the order view ensures everyone is in the loop. Now jobs get made correctly the first time. Everytime.

tag colleagues
Tag your colleagues to notify
upload files
Upload files

Reporting that gives you the truth

Not knowing how your company is performing makes it very hard to know what to improve.

Take the guess work out. See exactly what happens at every stage of an order so you can test improvements to see if they work.

66 minutes

Average time to send 1st proof

1.8 days

Average days to fulfil order

16 hours

Time waiting for artwork

1.3 iterations

# of proofs to approval

A screenshot of Glide's analytics reporting screen


shipped on time


orders shipped past 30 days


remakes last 30 days


NPS score

The little details matter too

Here are some smaller features that are key concepts when fulfilling orders for custom products

Automate proof reminders

Unapproved artwork means orders don't get fulfilled on time. You also avoid a back-log of unfulfilled orders which is a liability to your business.

automate proof reminders
track approved artwork

Track approved artwork - never print the wrong file again

Knowing which version of the customer's design was approved is vital to avoid mistakes during manufaturing. It also makes reordering in 1, 2 or even 5+ years a sinch.

save files against the order

Files saved against the order

No more scouring file systems looking for the correct artwork.
No more wasting hours each week or having to ask customers which file needs to be printed (embarrassing 🙈).
Just the right files in the right place, nice and easy to find.

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Helping you to fulfil orders for custom products better than ever

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