Understand how each team is performing

Stickers, boxes, paper cups, phone cases, etc. all need a different proofing experience. Choose from different proofing templates that best suit your product.

There are tons of templates available, here are just a select few.

Little analytics details

Here are some smaller analytics features to improve your businesses efficiency

Get instant feedback

Analytics update in real-time so you can see how changes you implement impact results straight away.

Instant feedback on changes
Beautiful charts analytics

Beautiful charting

Data is great and all that, but not if it's a mess and difficult to read.

Glide's beautiful charts & tables help you get into the nitty-gritty and understand what's going on.

Real time data analytics

Real-time data helps you manage busy periods

Your systems usually operate at a manageable level. It's not until you have a busy period, such as Black Friday, is when you get to stress-test your processes.

Glide gives you a real-time view of your operation, so you can see at risk areas and take avoiding action quickly.

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