Pricing models for all product types

Stickers, clothing, boxes, paper cups, phone cases, banners, or anything else. All personalised products have their own complexities when pricing. Choose from different pricing models that best suit your product or service.

Area discount pricing

Perfect for pricing products that work by area, for example; stickers, labels, carpet, curtains, etc.

The line item area is calculated by multiplying the item area by the quantity to get a total area. A lookup table then sets the price per m2. Usually the more a customer buys the lower price per m2 they get.

Glide's unit pricing model

Unit pricing

This is our simplest pricing model where you charge the same price for each unit of a product or service.

You'd typically unit pricing for design services (e.g. £50/hour) with no quantity discounts, because there are no economies of scale.

Glide's unit pricing model

Package pricing

Use package pricing to set a price for a group of units.

For example, you may change £25 for a package of 5 phone cases, whereas purchased separately they may cost £8.99.

Glide's package pricing model

Graduated pricing

Graduated pricing uses pricing tiers that give in a different price for some units in an order.

For example, you might charge £5/unit for the first 50 units and then £4/unit for the next 50.

Glide's graduated pricing model

Volume pricing

Volume pricing allows you to charge the same price for each unit based on the total number of units.

For example, you might charge £2 per unit for 50 units, and £1.50 per unit for 100 units.

Glide's volume pricing model
Take payments within GlideSend quotes with a single click

Take payments within Glide

Send quotes to your customer in a single click then get notified when they've paid.

Take payments from all major credit & debit cards. We use Stripe's infrastructure for maximum security & performance.

auto reminders
Send quotes in a single click
multi language
Get paid without any effort
reduce support emails
Track payment status separately to fulfilment status
mobile friendly
Most credit & debit cards accepted

Quote in multiple currencies

Shipping and fulfilling orders anywhere in the world is becoming increasingly easy.

Glide lets you send orders in almost any currency to best suit your customer.

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Send quotes in your customers local currency

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Sell in almost any currency

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Quote in multiple currencies
Glide's product templatesDuplicate orders with a single click

Pre-built products save time

We've pre-loaded Glide with tons of different products and pricing models to suit most businesses that sell customised products.

This saves so much time when you want to get started quickly.

auto reminders
Pre-made products save time
multi language
Get started in minutes, not days
reduce support emails
See how we apply advanced pricing models
mobile friendly
Edit or duplicate pre-made products to create your catalogue fast

Little quoting details

Here are some smaller quoting features to improve your businesses efficiency

Quotes become an order automatically

As soon as an order has been paid, you can get it to become an order which is actioned by your team internally.

Glide's unit pricing model
Duplicate orders with a single click

Duplicate past quotes

Duplicating makes quoting super fast, especially for reorders.

Send quotes with a single click

Take payments automatically

Send a quote to your customer in a single click.

This will send your customer a payment link. So you get paid with almost no effort on your behalf.

You can also set up reminders to nudge your customer to act.

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