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Setup workflows to include your suppliers

Each product can have its own workflow. Instead of sending a product to print or cut internally, send it to your supplier instead.

auto reminders
Automate POs
multi language
Automations keep elapsed time down
reduce support emails
Include fallback suppliers
mobile friendly
Easy to setup

Allow your supplier to update statuses

Keep up to date with the status of each order, even when it's with your supplier through interactive emails.

Your supplier can click different links within the email to change the status of an order. Choose wether to allow the change in your system, or if it needs your approval.

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Fast order updates = happy customers

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A screenshot of Glide's create an order workflow.

Analytics shows how your suppliers perform

Knowing how your supplier is performing is essential to meeting your customers expectations, negotiating better terms, and ultimately having a great relationship with your supplier.

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