quality control checklists

Change the checklist for each product

Each product may need different points checking. Display different checklist depending on the product.

You can setup these checklists for each product type, helping to further optimise your manufacturing process.

auto reminders
Checklists are product dependant
multi language
Ensure your team are checking the right details

Have the right people running quality control

Ideally, people shouldn't check their own work. They are more forgiving and likely to let marginal errors slip through.

You can restrict access to the quality control area so only approved individuals can approve or reject order line items.

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Trace who checked an order

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Restrict access to quality checking

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have the right people running quality control

Little quality control details

Here are some smaller quality control features to improve your product quality.

Use product data to your advantage

Glide knows about your products in detail, so you can use this to help. For example, use product weights to get the quantity correct.

use product data to your advantage
large proof image

Large images see every detail

Quality control checks the final product against the proof, so we make the proof as big as possible so you can see every detail.

reject line items and understand the route cause

Understand the route cause

If a line item needs to be redesigned or reprinted, you can record the reason to gather data on the route cause of the problems.

Understanding the route cause helps you to identify the real issue and fix it!

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