We've made custom products, so know it's hard

The Glide founders have over 35+ combined years of experience running brands & teams who make personalised products.

A happy team of people

Anyway, after using Corkscrew for a few years it got pretty good. Here are a few cool stats from Sticker it using it:

6400 hrs

designer time saved/year


less emails per order

3.5 mins

time to proof an order

29 hours

elapsed time per order saved

Over the years we ended up showing it to friends in the industry and they wanted a piece of the action!

We found they had all the same issues we did at Sticker it & Kartdavid.

Proofing taking ages. Not being able to find artwork. Endless emails asking for an update on their order. The list goes on....

So we got thinking - we should release this to the public.

And so that's what we're working on right now.

We're currently making Corkscrew (now called Glide) the best damn tool that helps any person or business who has a businesses that sells custom/personalised products.

A group of people working hard on laptops

Our story

Glide started years ago, way before we ever thought of selling it, as an internal tool.

We've founded & run a few businesses that sell custom products. Firstly Kartdavid in 2007 then Sticker it, a brand that sells custom printed stickers & labels, in 2017.

Sticker it grew fast we went from making a few orders per day to barely being able to keep up.

We needed to find a solution!

We tried everything on the market. The cheaper products lacked features so couldn't scale with us. The expensive products were prohibitively expensive and so complex they were painful to use.

So we built our own.

It was called Corkscrew. We can't take the credit. David & Michael's Dad thought of it because he likes a drink..🍷

Guiding principles

joy to use

Make stuff a joy to use

A guiding principle of joy ensures we constantly push to make the Glide simpler & easier to use whilst still making it genuinely useful.

Simplicity at the detriment to deep functionality is no help and = less joy.

remove the mundane

Remove the mundane

Automation is at the heart of what we do to help remove the boring, repetitive tasks.

No one wants to do the same shit every day, so we say automate it!

help not hinder

Tools should help people, not hinder them

Too many systems and tools are painful to use and the people who have to use them complain.

This is wrong! A tool should help people do their jobs better with more satisfaction.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Ok we stole this from Steve Jobs at Apple, but it's just so true.

If a concept is still complicated, it needs more refining, whilst still solving the original problem.

The founding team